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CA Compliant Rifle Lock for AR15 & AR10

CA Compliant Rifle Lock for AR15 & AR10
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Price: $38.00
Product ID : ca-compliant-rifle-lock-for-ar15-&-ar10


This CA compliant magazine release lock provides the ability to rapidly restore your firearm's original function while traveling outside of your home state. That's right! This product is fully reversible so that you can enjoy both the form and function of your rifle as it was meant to be with the use of a magnetic Supertool.

This also provides you the legal right to keep all of your "evil features." No need to go "featureless" with the new COMPLIANT RIFLE LOCK.

How does it work?
Step 1: Release your rear take down pin.
Step 2: Release the upper from the lower.
Step 3: Release the magazine.

Available in black or silver. Universal for both AR15 & AR10.
Includes Rifle Lock, Spring & Supertool Pro (magnetic field stripping tool).
Made in the USA


Product is out of stock


This new lock replaces the California bullet button. In order for this new lock to comply with California's new restrictions, you cannot release the magazine without first dissasembling the firearm's action.

The COMPLIANT RIFLE LOCK's design is focused on a fast and legal way to remove the device when traveling out of state or in an emergency, restoring the original function of your firearm.

Other compliance devices currently available require the removal of numerous stock AR15 parts. Some designs require drilling new holes in your lower while others eliminate additional functions like the ability to lock your bolt to the rear. All these other devices make it very difficult to restore your rifle's original function. The COMPLIANT RIFLE LOCK not only utilizes all your stock AR15 parts minus the bullet button but it also provides a unique patent pending way for your to rapidly remove the device with the use of a magnetic field stripping tool from Supertool.

The COMPLIANT RIFLE LOCK complies with California, New York, Conneticut, Maryland, New Jersey and other states (and other local municipalities such as Cook County, Illinois) where detachable magazine restrictions are state law.

While traveling outside of California to states that do not require this type of device, this is how to rapidly remove the lock, restoring your rifle's original function:
Step 1: Grab a magnetic field stripping tool from Supertool (included with your purchase).
Step 2: Place the tool on the center of the top of the lock - you will feel the magnet pull the internal ghost pin releasing the dogleg.
Step 3: Remove the dogleg and close the action.

Why is this legal? In the new assault weapons regulations, the restrictions clearly define a magnet as a "tool." So removing the dogleg from the device requires the use of a "tool" complying with the new California restrictions.

It is very important to note that while in California it is illegal to operate your rifle without the dogleg installed.

This product is not DOJ approved. It is advised that users become familiar with California DOJ requirements and updated interpretations of existing laws and regulations.

We shall not be held responsible in any way for the inappropriate use of the product by the user. User assumes all liabilities and risks associated with ownership and use of this product.

How it works:

This video demonstrates the magnetic removal of the dogleg when traveling outside of California. It's fully convertible!

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Reviewed by roofrider77
roofrider77 bought "CA Compliant Rifle Lock for AR15 & AR10" on our website
07/25/2019 - 12:57:19 PM
Better than most
I own a S&W MP 5.56 and have used the Hellfighter, the Thordson stock and one other mag release product. The Supertool is the easiest to install and retains all of the AR functions unlike the others. Better than most.