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Cross Armory Combo Kit

Cross Armory Combo Kit
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  • Quick Pins (Cross Armory)
  • Safe Mag (Cross Armory)
  • Quick Pins (Cross Armory)
  • Safe Mage (Cross Armory)
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Price: $173.00
Product ID : cross-armory-combo-kit


Cross Armory has produced Quick Pins and Safe Mag to pair together as the best AR-15 conversion kit on the market. One pinch release separates the upper and lower receivers, allowing for quick release of the magazine before you close the receivers and it locks them securely in place. Built of strong, durable 7075 Aircraft Aluminum, these two products combine to make the best California Conversion kit currently on the market.



The Cross Armory Combo Kit includes both Quick Pins, the innovative takedown pin replacement that allows you to seperate the receivers with just a pinch, and Safe Mag, the simplest fixed magazine release on the market.  Together they become a fantastic AR-15 conversion kit.

Quick Pins Overview
ABOVE: See Cross Armory's Product in Action
  • One Pinch release system
    A simple pinch of your fingers will open your weapon for servicing.

  • Receivers lock together securely and easily
    Once closed, Quick Pins automatically locks the receiver in place.

  • Much easier than standard takedown pins
    This built in tool requires minimal effort to open.

  • Manufactured out of High Strength 7075 Aircraft Aluminum
    This makes Cross Armory Quick Pins strong, durable AND light weight.

  • Cross Armory’s SAFE MAG can be combined to produce the best reloading system for over regulated states
    Highly regulated states like CA, NY, CT, MA, MD, HI and Washington DC require that the upper and lower register be separated to remove the magazine.  Paired with Safe Mag, Quick Pins provide a simple, easy to use AR-15 conversion kit.
Safe Mag Overview
  • Fixed locking system for AR-15 rifles
    Keep the tool in place that you need to properly release a magazine

  • Separate upper and lower receivers to release
    This is essential when attempting to comply with fixed magazine release regulations
  • Safe and dependable fixed magazine release device
    Simple and easy to use, Safe Mag will not allow the magazine to be removed without separating the receivers when properly installed.

  • Quick and easy installation on your weapon

  • Actually reload easier, specially when paired with Quick Pins

This product is not DOJ approved. It is advised that users become familiar with California DOJ requirements and updated interpretations of existing laws and regulations.

We shall not be held responsible in any way for the inappropriate use of the product by the user. User assumes all liabilities and risks associated with ownership and use of this product.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by curtvon
03/10/2017 - 04:33:08 PM
Seems Good
Purchased the kit at a gun show and installed on my MP 15 the next day . It is a big improvement over the bullet button, but does take a little time to retrain as the video says. Good porduct!