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Hellfighter California Compliant AR Mod Kit for AR-15 & AR-10

Hellfighter California Compliant AR Mod Kit for AR-15 & AR-10
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Price: $63.99
Product ID : hellfighter-california-compliant-ar-mod-kit-for-ar15-&-ar10


The Hellfighter Mod Kit by Juggernaut Tactical is the perfect, ultra-fast California Compliant magazine lock solution for your AR-15 and AR-10. This comes after a year of engineering and countless attempts to make the best and simplest solution on the market. With this patent pending bolt-on solution, you will be able to perform magazine changes faster that you ever thought possible.

One of the features that sets the Hellfighter Mod Kit apart is the modified quick-release takedown pin, which acts as a button to separate the upper from the lower just enough to disengage semi-automatic operation and automatically disable the magazine lock. Once your upper is separated and disengaged from semi-automatic operation, your magazine is now operable. A simple tap closes the upper and re-engages the spring-loaded takedown pin and will quickly get you back in the fight. The Hellfighter Mod Kit is compatible with any AR-15 and AR-10.


Sig 716
POF 308
Bottom Feed Rear Takedown Pin
Stainless Steel


By changing out your rear takedown pin and replacing it with the modified takedown pin in combination with a new bolt catch now used as a magazine lock, you will have a completely California Compliant AR. You no longer have to use a featureless AR solution. This system will allow you to keep all of your current features, including a pistol grip, a forward grip and adjustable butt stock. You can even reinstall a mil-spec magazine release. There is no need for a bullet button.
  • Ultra-fast magazine changes
  • Easy to install in 30 minutes or less
  • Featureless AR components no longer needed
  • No need to permanently modify your upper or lower
  • No need for bullet button
  • Available for MOST AR15 and AR10 
  • 100% Made in USA
  • Available in black & stainless steel
  • Patent pending
Please note:  If you are not sure about compatibility with your particular rifle, please contact the manufacturer, Juggernaut Tactical, directly. The information we provide regarding the product is given to us directly from the manufacturer and we do not have specifics except for the following: (1) AR10 version does not work on the POF AR10; (2) There is a special kit for the SIG 716 & LWRC AR10; (3) AR10 version does not work on the Armalite AR10.

This product is not DOJ approved. It is advised that users become familiar with California DOJ requirements and updated interpretations of existing laws and regulations.

We shall not be held responsible in any way for the inappropriate use of the product by the user. User assumes all liabilities and risks associated with ownership and use of this product.

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