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CA Conversion Kits

AR Mag Magnet is your California Conversion Kit Headquarters! As the home of the original Mag Magnet, a tool sought out by people looking to become California compliant, we are the natural home for an array of the best AR-15 conversion options available today. The newest innovation to hit the market is the Juggernaut Tactical HELLFIGHTER CA COMPLIANT AR MOD KIT. It's quick and easy to install, fits all ARs and is pretty cost-effective.

From Juggernaut Tactical's new Hellfighter Mod Kit to Cross Armory's Safe Mag and Quick Pins, and cutting edge designs like the DROP STOP and BULLET BUTTON REMOVAL TOOL by Mid-Evil Industries, we are at the forefront of it all, so you can bookmark this page or join our newsletter for AR Conversion Kit updates and deals on specials on CA Conversion Kits. Due to high demand, quantities are always limited, so look below to buy AR-15 & AR-10 conversion kits now!

ABOVE: See the HELLFIGHTER! Newest CA Mod Kit!

Drop Stop
Cross Armory Combo Kit
Cross Armory Safe Mag
Cross Armory Pin Pal
Cross Armory Quick Pins
Cross Armory SM2 Combo Kit
Cross Armory Combo Kit for AR-10 (.308)
Cross Armory Safe Mag 2 - All AR-15/M4
Cross Armory Safe Mag for AR-10
Cross Armory Quick Pins for AR-10 (.308)
Stock Lock (Cross Armory)